What Is Biological Organic Fertilizer?

  Biological organic fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer with the effect of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer, which is mainly derived from animal and plant residues (such as livestock and poultry excrement, crop straw, etc.) and compounded by harmless organic materials and decaying materials.
  Add the biological bacteria agent into the organic fertilizer materials, which promotes decomposition of organic materials (animal manure, crop straw, industrial waste, etc.)in the process of compost fermentation, through the pollution-free treatment and aerobic fermentation with the help of compost turning machine, following the fermented materials are manufactured into high-qualified fertilizer products through crushing process, mixing, granulating, crying, cooling, and automatic packing process in the whole bio-organic fertilizer production line.
  Effect of biological organic fertilizer:
(1) Improve crop yield and crop quality;
(2) Improve soil fertility, physical and chemical properties.
(3) Regulate microbial flora and improve soil micro-ecosystem.
(4) Activate insoluble compounds to improve soil fertility.
(5) high-tempetature compost killed pathogenic bacteria and worm eggs, improve soil ecology and reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. 
  Regulate the soil, activate the microbial activity rate in the soil, overcome soil consolidation, increase soil air permeability. We will reduce water loss and evaporation, reduce the pressure of drought, protect fertilizers, reduce the demage of chemical fertilizers, and reduce salinity and alkali damage.
 We will increase soil fertility by reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers or gradually replacing chemical fertilizers, so that grain crops, commercial crops, vegetables, and fruits will increase production substantially. Improve the quality of agricultural products, fruit color bright, neat, mature concentration, melon agricultural products have increased sugar, vitamin content, good taste, which is conducive to expanding exports and increasing the price. Improve crop agronomic character, make crop stem strong, leaf color is thick and green, blossom ahead of schedule, percentage of setting fruit is high, fruit commodity is good, appear on the market ahead of time.To enhance the disease resistance and stress resistance of crops, reduce the diseases caused by continuous cropping and soil-borne diseases, and reduce the incidence of diseases; It has good effect on the prevention and treatment of Mosaic disease, black tibia disease, anthrax disease and so on. The amount of fertilizer applied decreased correspondingly the nitrate content in agricultural products. The experiment proved that the ecological organic fertilizer could reduce the nitrate content of vegetables by 48.3--87.7% on average, increase the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content by 5--20%, increase vitamin C, decrease the total acid content, increase the reducing sugar and increase the sugar-acid ratio. Totally, the application of biological organic fertilizer, the leaf color of agricultural products is fresh and tender, taste is sweet.
  Biological organic fertilizer is a kind of environment-friendly fertilizer with complete nutrition elements, the application of organic fertilizer reduced environmental pollution, it is  safe and non-toxic to human, livestock and environment.