The Repairs and Maintenance of Turning Machine

 Adhere to the class maintenance and handover system, maintenance and failure of the previous shift is not left to the next shift.
Check items for each class before driving:
1. Check whether the fasteners are firm, whether the bearing clearance of the transmission parts is suitable, too loose will appear, too tight will appear the phenomenon of large rotating resistance, and the improper clearance should be adjusted in time.
2. Grease the bearing housing and check the oil level of the gearbox.
3. Whether the connection of the wire is reliable.

After class maintenance
1. Remove residues and residues from the machine and the surrounding areas.
2. Lubricating oil is added to each lubricating point.
3. Cut off the power switch.
The maintenance project in each week:
1. Check the oil content of the gearbox and add enough gear oil.
2. Remove the accumulated materials in the blanking orifice and keep the chute open.
3. Check the contacts of the compactors in the electric cabinet, if any, replace them immediately.
Periodic inspection of project
1. Check the operation of the motor reducer. If there is any abnormal noise or heat, stop checking immediately.
2. Check the wear and tear of all bearings. Wear and tear should be replaced.
Judgment and treatment of common faults:
Common fault Cause Analysis Handling opinions
Difficulty of turning and throwing Excess thickness of fertilizer layer Remove the excess layer of fertilizer
Severe deformation of the blade and shaft or winding of foreign body Repair a blade or shaft; remove a foreign body.


With a foreign object stuck or damaged on a transmission tooth Removing foreign objects or changing gears
An unstable reducer has noise or fever A walking gear or rack with a foreign object Removal of foreign body
Transmission shaft bending Correction and replacement of the drive shaft
Lack of lubricating oil Add lubricating oil
Motor starting is difficult or unable to start Oversize or damage of bearing wear Replacement bearing
The deformation and bending of the deceleration shaft Correction or replacement axis
The voltage is too low or too high Restart after the voltage is normal