The Magic Effects from Bio-organic Fertilizer on Fruit Trees

 Fruit trees are perennial crops with high yield and high demand for fertilizer. Therefore, soil fertilization is an important technical measure to improve soil nutrient supply and obtain high quality and high yield fruit in orchard.However, at present, problems such as insufficient input of organic fertilizer and excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer generally exist in fruit tree production, resulting the soil quality  of fruit trees rhizosphere decreased and the diseases aggravated, which restrict the further improvement of fruit quality.

By analyzing the effects of bio-organic fertilizers on fruit quality, yield, growth and development of trees and physical and chemical properties of soil, discussing the effects of bio-organic fertilizers on fruit production, effectively promoting the application of bio-organic fertilizers in orchard and achieving high-quality, efficient and sustainable fruit production.

 The Magic Effects from Bio-organic Fertilizer on Fruit Trees             The Magic Effects from Bio-organic Fertilizer on Fruit Trees    The Magic Effects from Bio-organic Fertilizer on Fruit Trees


1.    Effect on fruit quality

The results of the study on apples, oranges, grapes, pears, strawberries, plums and kiwifruit showed that the organic fertilizer significantly improved the quality of fruit. The internal quality mainly improved the soluble solids, sugar content, sugar acid ratio and aroma quality of fruit; in terms of external quality, the fruit's chromaticity and hardness were improved, and its shape was more uniform.

The results showed that the quality of peach was improved and the content of soluble sugar was increased by using bio- organic fertilizer. Significantly improved apple’s aroma quality, increased volatile matter. After spraying bio-organic fertilizer on the peach trees, the content of soluble solids increased, which improved the flavor and quality of the fruit.

2. Effects on fruit yield

The results of studies on fruit trees including apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, plums and pears showed that the application of biological organic fertilizer effectively increased the weight and significantly increased the yield of per unit area. The results showed that bioorganic fertilizers effectively ensured the continuous supply of nutrients and promoted the photosynthesis of plants and the synthesis of carbohydrates.


3. Effects on trees growth and development

The results showed that biological organic fertilizer could effectively promote the growth and development of fruit trees.The application of biological organic fertilizers promoted the development of fruit roots, significantly increased the number of new roots, improved the composition of roots, promoted the absorption of nutrients and water in trees, improved the nutrition growth and bear fruits.

4. Effects on soil physical and chemical properties

The results showed that after the application of biological organic fertilizers, soil bulk density decreased, soil porosity increased, soil microbial quantity increased, soil permeability improved, organic matter content significantly increased, soil nitrogen and phosphorus supply capacity enhanced, soil acidity and alkalinity were improved, which was beneficial to soil nutrient release.The results on grape showed that the number of beneficial bacteria such as radionuclides and bacteria in the soil of potted grape increased obviously after the application of biological organic fertilizer.

Above all these advantages from the application of bio-organic fertilizer,we can see the bio-organic fertilizer is an important and indispensable organic matter to plant growth, to a great extent improving the life standard of people and increasing the income of planters. So the production of organic fertilizer and the seclection of the organic fertilizer production line is extremly important.