A Healthy Way ---- Bio-organic Fertilizer

 In recent years, bio-fertilizer plays an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of agricultural products, especially biological organic fertilizers have been widely used in some ecological demonstration areas, bases of green and organic agricultural products, which is the main development direction of biological organic fertilizers in the future.With the expansion of the production scale of green organic agricultural products and the improvement of people's consumption level, the production and application of biological organic fertilizer must be the mainstream.

1. Effect of biological organic fertilizer

(1) improve crop yield and crop quality;

(2) improve soil fertility, physical and chemical properties.

(3) regulate microbial flora and improve soil microecosystem.

(4) activate insoluble compounds to improve soil fertility.  

(5) improve soil ecology and reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. 

2.Production process and technology of bio- fertilizer  

      .  A Healthy Way ---- Bio-organic Fertilizer             .  A Healthy Way ---- Bio-organic Fertilizer   

Fermentation process

Organic materials fermentation process plays the preliminary role in the whole production two main types of compost turner are widely used to turn and mix the compost and accelerate the fermentation speed, simple groove turning machien and hydraulic type groove turning machine. Then the fermented materials need to be crushed and mixed thoroughly and evenly for the following better granulation process. Because the technical content of the production of biological organic fertilizer is relatively high. In addition to adding biological bacteria agent that promotes decomposition of organic materials in the process of fermentation, so as to achieve the purpose of directional deodorization, microorganisms with specific functions are also needed in the product to improve the effect of the product. At present, in order to promote the healthy development of organic fertilizers. The production of biological organic fertilizer, mainly engaged in microbial fertilizer production, adopt the way of groove turning fermentation, here the simple groove turning machine is the best choice, in the process, the fermentation material, water, carbon and nitrogen ratio, the adjustment of the temperature and the use of rotten agent is the key to the production process, especially the application of bacteria agent directly affects the c fermentation cycly and the degree of rotten of materials.The decomposed material basically realizes the harmlessness of the product.

                             .  A Healthy Way ---- Bio-organic Fertilizer                                                             

Granulating process:

  Granulating process is the core part in this production line, so we choose the suitable model of fertilizer granulator according to customers detailed requirements. In the post-treatment of marterials after fermentation, add some functional bacteria to compound and shape the fertilizer, and the product form m is mainly powder, Disc granulatoris suitable for this granulating process. and after the drying process and low-temperature cooling process,the granules meet the standard of moisture content. the qualified granules will by packed by the automatic packing machine. The unqualified granules were  sent into the granulator to being the re-granulating process.


  For the production of biological organic fertilizers, the screening and use of microbial strains is a core technology. Only master this key technology can accelerate the decompostion of materials,  guarantee the application effect of products.

  As the production cost of biological organic fertilizer is higher than that of ordinary organic fertilizer, it is mainly applied to economic crops with high added value, such as vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbal medicine, and has achieved good results. So we also learn how to choose a suitable biological ogranic fertilizer production line according to the different demands.

With low production cost, good application effect and no pollution to the environment, bio-fertilizers can not only increase production, but also improve the quality of agricultural products and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, which plays an important role in sustainable development of agriculture. As people's living standards continue to improve, higher requirements have been put forward for the quantity and quality of agricultural products. The continuous decrease of farmland, the increase of fertilizer application, the soaring production cost and the continuous deterioration of environment provide a good development opportunity for biological fertilizer.