The Conditions To Build A Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

 The Conditions To Build A Organic Fertilizer Production Plant,  suitable organic fertilizer materials, the location of factory, professional organic fertilizer production line equipment, and processing technology of organic fertilizer are the main factors.

First,the organic fertilizer raw materials:

  We need to choose the raw materials containing organic matters and other nutrient elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plant growth. Livestock and poultry manure is the best choice for bio organic fertilizer production, and the quantity of livestock manure is increasing with the enlarging of breeding industry.


Second,the location of the organic fertilizer processing factory:
  The best location of organic fertilizer production line is in the middle of breeding factory and agricultural crops planting base. Organic fertilizer plant cannot be too far away from the farm due to inconvenient transportation. If you have your own breeding factory and economic crops planting base, not only solve the large quantity demands of organic fertilizer from the planting and recycle of farm manure, but also can get extral economic benefits from the commercial organic fertilizer production plant.
Third, the equipment choice of organic fertilizer production line:

   Professional equipment is the third condition to build a organic fertilizer production plant, we should choose the high-quality fertilizer equipment, and the seller has better have their own manufacturing factory, Zhengzhou Huaqiang is the world-class level organic and compound fertilizer production line manufacturer, annual output is 50,000 tons to 10,0000 tons. in how to build organic fertilizer production line, the main equipment including: automatic batching system, fertilizer granulator, fertilizer crusher, fertilizer mixer, fertilizer dryer and cooler, fertilizer screener, fertilizer automatic packing machine and other facilities, such as hot stove, cyclone dust collector and coating machine. All of them has the advantages of low cost, environmental protection, high-quality, high benefits, simple maintenance.
Fourth, the processing technology of organic fertilizer:

  Biological fermentation (composting fermentation) is the using oxidation and decomposition ability of composite microbial fungicides, to ferment poultry excrement in a certain temperature, humidity and Ph conditions. it can achieve the purpose of deodorization and sterilization. Making us of the high tempetature from the rapid decomposition bacteria to kill virus, harmful pathogens and hatched from eggs, on the other hand, can convert unstable substances into stable humus. Finally to produce biological organic fertilizer used in the production of organic agricultural products coupled with appropriate inorganic nutrient mixture.This method is economical and practical without secondary pollution.In recent years, it has become the main measure of poultry manure resource utilization and ecological environment protection.