Market Conditions of NPK Fertilizer Production Line

  The application of npk fertilizer production line only increase production, but also improve the quality of agricultural products and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, which plays an important role in sustainable development of agriculture. there has bright  market conditons of npk fertilizer production line.
 We can see the market conditons of npk fertilizer production line from the application of npk fertilizer:
  Compound fertilizer is usually expressed by the corresponding percentage of N-P2O5-K2O. If a compound fertilizer contains 10% of N, 20 % of P2O5 and 10 % of K2O, the content of the N-P2O5-K2O in compound fertilizer is 10-20-10. Some of them were marked with S after the K2O content, such as 12-24-12 (S), indicating that they contained K2SO4.
  In ternary compound fertilizer, the minimum content of each nutrient is no less than 4%, and the general total content is 25% ~ 60%. The total content of 25% ~ 30% is low concentration of compound fertilizer, 30% ~ 40% is medium concentration compound fertilizer, more than 40% is high concentration compound fertilizer.
  The advantage of compound fertilizer produced by npk fertilizer production line:high effective composition, variety of nutrient; adverse effect on the soil is small due to less secondary components; low production cost; Physical traits are good. NPK compound fetilizer is widely used in vegetables, fruits, Chinese herbal medicine, and has achieved good results. So we need to  learn how to choose a suitable npk fertilizer production line according to the different demands. we also provide the customized organic fertilizer production line and bio organic fertilizer production line.