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Why do people choose compound fertilizer production line

 Compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, less accessory components and good physical properties. It plays a very important role in balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high and stable yield of crops. But it also has some disadvantages, such as its nutrient ratio is always fixed, and different soil, different crops need nutrient elements type, amount and proportion is varied. Therefore, it is better to test the soil before use to understand the texture and nutritional status of the soil in the field. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the combination of application and unit fertilizer to get better results.

The benefits of compound fertilizer

1. Nutrition: The total amount of compound fertilizer is generally high, and there are more types of nutrient elements. A single application of compound fertilizer can supply at least two or more main nutrient elements of crops at the same time.

2, uniform structure: less accessory components, the nutrient distribution of this fertilizer is more uniform, after causing particles and powder or crystalline unit fertilizer, compared with the structure is tight, nutrient release is uniform, fertilizer effect is stable and long. The adverse effect on soil is small because of the little accessory component.

3, good physical properties: compound fertilizer is generally made of particles, small moisture absorption, not easy to caking, easy storage and application, especially easy to mechanized fertilization.

4, save trouble and less work: fertilization can be one-time input, the "old three sets" should be artificially mixed after application, to invest a lot of manpower mixing, if the plot is small one-time mixing is not necessarily used up, resulting in long-term accumulation of fertilizer caused by fertilizer loss.

5, uniform fertilization: compound fertilizer particles uniform, each particle contains a variety of elements, spread fertilization is more uniform. When urea, diammonium and potassium fertilizer are mixed, small particles will be sown first and large particles will be sown later due to the uneven granularity of the three fertilizers.

6, storage and packaging: as a result of compound fertilizer in the side components less, the content of effective components is generally higher than unit fertilizer, so can save packaging and storage transportation costs

In summary, the demand for compound fertilizer is larger than other fertilizers, and it also reduces a lot of costs in transportation and storage, so many manufacturers will give priority to the production line of compound fertilizer.