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Three methods for composting organic fertilizer

 1. In high temperature composting method, the raw materials are placed in the lee to the sun, close to the water source. According to the ratio of straw, feces, animal and plant residues, sludge, etc., some faeces containing pyrolytic bacteria (such as the feces of mules and horses) or fermented compost are added. The temperature in the compost is controlled at about 60 for about half a month, which can fully kill pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs and weed seeds in the compost. The mortality rate of roundworm eggs is 95% to 100%.

2. Common composting methods Composting is done under anaerobic conditions. Generally, half pit composting is used, that is, a rectangular pit is dug and organic manure such as straw, manure, plant and animal nitrogen sources, soil and other organic fertilizers are stacked layer by layer. Knead into steamed buns, press tightly, turn after 1 month. Put the rotten ones at the bottom and seal them with soil. Compost can be finished in 2-3 months in summer and autumn, and 3-4 months in winter. This composting method is convenient to make fertilizer, but it takes a long time and the decomposition degree is uneven.

3. Fermentation equipment The traditional manure stacking time is generally 4-6 months, and the time is longer when the temperature is low. The fermentation effect is poor. The turning and fermentation time of organic fertilizer fermentation equipmentis short, only 7-15 days can be finished. The fermentation process can effectively deodorize and not pollute the environment. Please contact us for more information.