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Why choose an organic fertilizer compost turning machine?

 The organic fertilizer compost turning machine is the most common fermentation turning application equipment at present, including walking wheels, side wheels, computer control equipment, and rake parts (also known as mobile vehicles, mainly used for double or more tanks). The trackless turning machine is driven by rollers, and the groove width and inner diameter can be specified according to different situations of customers (3-10 meters). The raking depth shall not exceed 1.3 meters, and the wall height shall not exceed 2 meters. The rake device is connected with the limit switch through the main shaft. Lanming automatic rake machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation, solar fermentation room, fermentation tank, mobile car spray equipment, etc., and the supporting fermentation tank can continuously discharge materials in batches. The turning machine has high efficiency, stable operation, durability, low maintenance cost, simple and convenient remote control operation, and even turning.

Science and technology are primary productive forces. We all know that shims are an important step in keeping things loose. After two months of production, the rake needs to be turned almost every day, otherwise the fermentation bed will be dead, the feces will not be decomposed, the fermentation bed will be wet and cold, and insects will be born, and diseases will occur frequently. Artificial breeding technology could have been saved, but increased labor. The traditional method is to turn the rake with a manual rake. It takes more than an hour for one person to rake 20 square meters of pads each time, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the effect is not ideal. The excavation depth is generally only 10-15 cm, the gasket cannot be completely broken, the agglomeration cannot be completely dispersed, and the real loose effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, the time interval for the next rake turning is short, and the loosening effect of the gasket directly affects the feces decomposition performance of the fermentation bed.

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