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Two modes of aerobic fermentation of cow dung

 There are two main types of cow manure aerobic composting:
(1) Stacking composting process: According to a certain height and width, appropriate humidity-adjusting materials are stacked in layers. The stacks are arranged in parallel on open or indoor flat composting sites. Continuous stacking on stacks is best done with efficient professional compost turning machine. The stacking section is semicircular: 2-3 meters wide, 0.8-1.5 meters high, and the length is not limited. Process features: mechanical stacking operation is highly mobile, and stacking materials is conducive to dehydration in the later stage;
(2) Solar fermenter composting process: use a cloth cart or forklift to lay appropriate humidity-adjusting materials in the fermenter of the solar composting workshop. The suitable height of the fermenter is 1.0-2.0 meters, 6-20 meters wide, and 50-200 meters long, which can be determined according to the area and plot shape of the reference cattle farm. Process features: It can realize the continuous fermentation process at one end of the fermentation tank, and can also realize the batch fermentation process of the whole tank; forced mechanical grinding to increase oxygen and pipeline ventilation to increase oxygen; solar composting workshop has excellent heating, heat preservation and control functions, and can be used throughout the year for compost production.

According to the moisture content of cow dung raw materials, the above composting process can be selected, and the two composting processes can also be combined for composting. For example, move the cow dung to the composting field, add bacteria for composting and fermentation, reduce moisture, and then complete high-temperature composting through tank composting, harmless secondary fermentation, and aging to further promote humification and mineralization. Organic nutrients, finally fully aged and decayed. The equipment investment has increased slightly, but the composting efficiency and quality have improved.

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