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What kind of mixing equipment does fertilizer machine manufacturer provide

According to the demand of NPK production line, fertilizer mixing equipment can be divided into continuous mixer and intermittent mixer. According to the production raw materials, it can be divided into granular fertilizer mixer, powder fertilizer mixer and BB fertilizer mixer. Here are the functions and characteristics of various fertilizer mixers.

Small-output horizontal mixers are batch fertilizer mixers, which can mix and mix organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, blended fertilizers, formula fertilizers, and water-soluble fertilizers. Generally, various fertilizers are mixed into the mixer in proportion to the mixer. There are two stirring belts on the inside for stirring and mixing, and the stirring can be completed in 1-3 minutes. Open the discharge port under the mixer to have a stirring cage for mixing and discharging.

The large-output powder mixer is a continuous fertilizer mixer suitable for the continuous production and mixing of organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, blended fertilizers, formula fertilizers, and water-soluble fertilizers. The mixing equipment must have a dynamic automatic batching machine for batching. The determined fertilizer ratio has a PLD control cabinet for precise proportioning. The fertilizer proportioned in each bin has a summary belt, which is conveyed to the entrance of the continuous mixer and moved into the internal agitator. After mixing, the material is discharged at the discharge port to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing of the fertilizer. After mixing, the materials enter the rotary drum granulator for granulation.

The double-shaft mixer is suitable for the mixing and mixing of organic fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and the continuous production and mixing of feces before fermentation and auxiliary materials. The pre-mixing of the materials before fermentation promotes the fermentation effect and shortens the fermentation cycle. The materials can also be mixed directly through the compost turning machine during fermentation. The dual-shaft mixer organic fertilizer and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can achieve a comprehensive and uniform effect of nutrients for organic special fertilizers and organic compound fertilizers.

The above is the fertilizer mixer provided by the organic fertilizer machine manufacturer. The user can make a choice according to the output of raw materials.