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What equipment is necessary for making granular organic fertilizer

The whole organic fertilizer production line for granular organic fertilizer includes compost turner machine, organic fertilizer crusher, horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator or new organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, circular throwing machine, coating machine, quantitative packaging scale and belt conveyor or bucket elevator for conveying materials between equipment. These machines form a high configuration organic fertilizer production line, most of which are large-scale and competitive companies.

At present, many small-scale fertilizer processing plants producing organic fertilizer produce and sell in a small range, which has regional characteristics. This kind of small-scale organic fertilizer plant seldom chooses high configuration organic fertilizer equipment, but chooses simple production line. Therefore, in order to save investment and space, in the selection of simple organic fertilizer equipment, the following equipment is essential: wet material crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, drum screening machine, quantitative packaging scale, these five kinds of equipment can form a simple organic fertilizer production line.