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What is a fertilizer mixer?

 A fertilizer mixer is a device that mixes powdery materials evenly. You can also use it to mix other materials. At present, in order to produce nutrient fertilizers, most fertilizer manufacturers add different raw materials and use organic fertilizer granulator machine for granulation, and the fertilizer granulator machine price vary. But before granulation, the raw materials must be mixed evenly. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the process of fertilizer production.

Our company is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers, and we provide several types of mixers.
1. Single-shaft mixer: The mixer can generally be used with an automatic batching system and is fully automatic. When the material enters the mixing tank, the mixer rotates through the helical blade for uniform mixing and then enters the next granulation system. In other words, you don't need to eat and poop yourself or your staff.
2. Horizontal mixer: It is a low-cost mixed fertilizer mixer with a mixing output of 10-15 tons per hour. But this mixer is a semi-automatic fertilizer mixer. If you use this type of mixer, you will need some crew to unload the mixed material. Moreover, in a large chemical fertilizer production plant, if there is only one horizontal mixer, the work efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, in your large-scale fertilizer production plant, we recommend that you equip two horizontal mixers on one fertilizer production line.
3. Vertical disc mixer: it is a kind of mixing equipment specially used for organic fertilizer production. For small organic fertilizer production plants, a vertical disc mixer will be the most suitable mixer. The production capacity of the vertical disc mixer can reach 2-4 tons per hour, and the unloading is convenient. In addition, this mixer runs smoothly with low noise.
4. Double-shaft horizontal mixer: it is the same mixing equipment as the single-shaft mixer. Structurally speaking, the double-shaft horizontal mixer has one more stirring shaft than the single-shaft horizontal mixer. From the perspective of work efficiency, the work efficiency of the double-shaft horizontal mixer is significantly higher than that of the single-shaft horizontal mixer. But their working principle is the same, they all rely on the spiral blade on the stirring shaft to rotate and stir the raw materials.