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How to recycle fermented chicken manure?

 The organic matter content of chicken manure is about 25.5%, the crude protein is about 18.7%, the carbohydrate is about 11%, the nitrogen is about 1.63%, the phosphorus is about 1.54%, and the potassium is about 0.85%. The content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in chicken manure is equivalent to 4.5-7.7 times the content of three elements in cow manure. More importantly, chicken manure not only has high protein content, but also has relatively complete amino acid composition in protein content. Therefore, chicken manure is a good raw material for the production of organic fertilizers. But how to correctly make chicken manure waste into organic fertilizer is a difficult problem for chicken farmers and investors. In response to these problems, our professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers will meet your requirements.

The C/N ratio and water content of chicken manure should meet the standard of chicken manure composting. The effect of composting manure was influenced by C/N ratio and moisture content. The most suitable C/N ratio of chicken manure is 20:1 or 35:1, which can make the microorganisms grow better. At the same time, the water content of chicken manure is about 55-60%, which is the most suitable for composting. When the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and moisture content of chicken manure are not suitable for composting, straw, corn stalks, rice husks, litter, and soybean stems can be added to chicken manure in proportion (the ratio of chicken manure to auxiliary materials is 3:1).

Stack chicken manure and auxiliary materials together. However, different fermentation compost turning machine in different ways. The chicken manure compost turning machine adopts the pile fermentation method and the trench composting process. After the chicken manure is piled up, it is the best time to compost the chicken manure. When the temperature of the composted chicken manure reaches 65°C, the chicken manure pile can be turned 2-3 times a day. After a week, the frequency of turning chicken manure should be reduced to once every 2-3 days. When the temperature and volume of the chicken manure no longer drop, and the smell of the chicken manure presents an earthy aroma, the chicken manure has been completely fermented. With the help of our compost turner, you can complete chicken manure composting within 15-30 days.

After the fermentation is completed, use an organic fertilizer granulator to granulate (the fertilizer granulator machine price varies), dry, sieve, pack and so on.