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Granular organic fertilizer production process

In the process of bio-fertilizer production, the moisture content of the grain after molding is generally not too high, and it needs to be dried at low temperature. In addition, after fermentation, the moisture content of organic raw materials is about 30% to 40%. Use an organic fertilizer granulator machine to granulate. After granulation and molding, the moisture content of the granules is generally between 15% and 20%. The fertilizer quality index requires 14% less moisture and requires dryness. Therefore, the drying stage is an essential and important process in the production process of biological fertilizers, which directly affects the output, quality and consumption. Reasonable selection of dryer models and specifications controls production conditions.

It is suitable for low temperature and low water drying, the temperature of hot air inlet is controllable, the drying process is controllable, the temperature of the material is not high due to the specified temperature, the end section can be cooled by natural wind, and the material is cooled immediately after drying. Drying, very suitable, the material is dried evenly, without damaging the grain, the residence time and feed amount can be adjusted to achieve the drying effect, because most of the hot air can be recycled, the thermal efficiency is high, and the hot water source can be provided by a biogas furnace to provide steam.
In the secondary granulation section before the dryer (rotary drum granulator), materials can be found in the actual secondary granulation. After that, the material is completely dried, and the humid air passes through the air duct, enters and exits the drying room, and is discharged through the dryer.
Cooling of dry material feed conveyors. The main part of the cooling process is the cooling material of the natural air duct pipe inlet cooler. Cold wind returns. Passing through the fan is the same as the duct.
The cooling material is input into the box, the large particle material is input into the return belt, the conveying granulator is re-granulated, and the product is input into the automatic packaging system for packaging.
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