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How does the organic fertilizer drum granulator control moisture?

 Organic fertilizer is mainly based on the alcohol preparation of materials with strong organic chemical components to make commercial organic fertilizer. Granular fertilizer must be equipped with drying equipment. Common organic fertilizer granulators include roller granulators, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine, new organic fertilizer granulators, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulators, flat die granulators, etc. The fertilizer granulator machine price vary.Today, we will introduce the moisture control measures of the organic fertilizer granulator in detail!

In the production process of the organic fertilizer granulator, the raw materials are required to have a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are relatively loose after fermentation and are not easy to granulate. A certain amount of water or binder must be added to increase the viscosity of the material. The organic fertilizer machinery and equipment disc granulator and granulator adopt the granulation method, adding water or binder during the whole granulation process to ensure the successful granulation of the material. The roll extrusion granulator is also manufactured by normal temperature processing technology, which is suitable for materials with low viscosity or low water content. If the moisture content of the material is too high, some dry materials can be added appropriately to neutralize the moisture. If the water content is too low, you can take an appropriate amount of water to facilitate granulation.

The new organic fertilizer wet test granulator can be used completely, and various reasonable organic matter can be granulated according to the new organic fertilizer granulator, getting rid of the limitations and obstacles of traditional technology. There is no need to stop the daily tasks of raw material handling, crushing, and punching before granulation, and seasoning manufacturing and granulation can be completed immediately, which not only saves a small amount of power engineering project investment, reduces cost effectiveness, but also improves the efficiency of daily tasks, Save time and energy, the actual effect is satisfactory.
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