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Usage of humic acid fertilizer

Humic acid is a kind of main fertilizer used in agricultural production. It can be used as raw material and processed into high-quality fertilizer through rotary drum granulator and corresponding equipment. How to use humic acid fertilizer?
humic acid fertilizerhumic acid fertilizer

1. Soaking seeds: soaking seeds can improve the germination rate of seeds, early emergence, and enhance the ability of seedling rooting. The general soaking concentration is 0.005-0.05%, the soaking time is 5-10 hours, and the hard shell seeds such as rice and cotton are 24 hours.

2. Root soaking: rice and sweet potato can be soaked with humic acid sodium or potassium humate solution before transplanting, and the concentration is 0.01-0.05%. After soaking seeds, it showed fast rooting and high survival rate.

3. Spraying: the general concentration of 0.01-0.05% solution is sprayed 2-3 times in the flowering period of crops, and the spraying amount is 50 liters of water solution per mu, and the spraying time should be 2-4 p.m.

4. Base fertilizer: solid humic acid fertilizer (such as ammonium humate, etc.), generally 100-150 kg per 6 mu. When the humic acid solution is used as base fertilizer, the concentration is 0.05-0.1%, and the amount of water solution is 250-400 liters per 6 mu, which can be mixed with farm fertilizer, furrow application or hole application. If it is organic fertilizer granulator machine processing compound fertilizer can also be directly applied.

5. Topdressing: before the seedling stage and heading stage of crops, 250 liters of 0.01-0.1% aqueous solution should be used every 6 Mu to irrigate near the crop roots. Paddy field can be applied with irrigation or water surface spray, can play a role in raising seedlings, strong seedlings, promoting growth and development.