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Maintenance of organic fertilizer granulation production equipment after use

The granulator in the organic fertilizer production line needs maintenance after being used for a period of time. Do you know how to maintain the organic fertilizer processing equipment such as rotary drum granulator? The fertilizer production line needs maintenance, otherwise it may damage the machine if it is used for too long. Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers will tell you how to maintain it.

Do a good job in the commissioning and commissioning of new engine and overhaul engine. According to the manufacturer's technical requirements and commissioning specifications, the mill runs well. Through the test and adjustment, the smooth and hard bearing surface and suitable fit clearance are obtained, which provides a good foundation condition for the load. Service life of bearings and supporting parts. After debugging, necessary technical maintenance should be carried out according to the technical status of the machine.

Use qualified oil and water. The fuel and lubricating oil used in tractors and engines must meet the specified quality standards, and the appropriate oil brand should be selected according to the season, region and engine speed range. Soft water with low calcium and magnesium content should be used as cooling water. A simple way to soften hard water is to boil and precipitate. In general production practice, the scale in the cooling system of organic fertilizer processing equipment must be cleaned every 1000 hours to improve the heat dissipation performance of the engine.
organic fertilizer granulation production equipment

Make sure the cylinder and oil pressure are normal. The normal water temperature should be between 80 and 90%. Because of the low water temperature, it is difficult to start, the fuel can not be completely burned, the engine power is reduced and the carbon deposition is increased.

If the water temperature is too high, some parts are easy to expand and deform, and even the cylinder liner and piston are stuck and the bearing bush is burnt out, which makes the lubricating oil thinner, the bearing film strength is low, the wear is fast, and the ventilation and redness of fresh air may be reduced

Low oil pressure means insufficient oil supply, unreliable lubrication, accelerated wear and even tile burning accidents. If the water temperature and oil pressure of organic fertilizer equipment are abnormal, they should be eliminated timely according to relevant reasons.

Correct operation. In order to operate the fertilizer granulator correctly, do not overload or overspeed for a long time, and ensure stable operation and slow rotation at low speed.