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Application of urea pulverizer in NPK fertilizer production

 There are many types of equipment used in the NPK fertilizer production, one of which is a urea pulverizer, which is a type of pulverizer used to pulverize urea or other hard materials. As with other devices, there are inevitable problems in the process of use. For the user, although the problem cannot be completely eliminated, it is possible to solve the problem and minimize the impact on production.

There is a relatively effective antistatic measure, that is, before the material is crushed, it is treated with high temperature and drying. In the above manner, the problem of static electricity in the urea pulverizer can certainly be reduced a lot, ensuring that the material is smashed smoothly.

On the other hand, it is necessary to replace the screen of the urea pulverizer in time. After upgrading and upgrading, the structure of the urea pulverizer has become simpler and more compact, which not only makes the operation process much simpler, but also repairs such as replacing the screen. Processing has also become more convenient.

First, the urea pulverizer screen is laid flat on the lower pressing mesh ring, and then the mesh is stretched on the lower pressing mesh ring with a tight mesh ring, but it should be noted that the mesh should not be pulled too tightly and flattened. Then, the lower pressing net ring and the special screen of the grading screen are bolted on the upper pressing net ring, and the bolts are symmetrical and evenly pressed as much as possible.

On the one hand, anti-static treatment should be done before operating the urea pulverizer. By analyzing the cause of static electricity in the equipment, a more effective treatment method can be thought of. The first is the grounding wire on the pulverizer, which acts as a current source; the second is to add an antistatic agent to the raw material before processing.

Finally, just lock the screen body on the press ring. However, I have to remind everyone that regarding the selection of the screen of the urea pulverizer, it is necessary to select a screen with a relatively large diameter and a pore size specification, and other specifications are consistent with the screen.

Knowing some common countermeasures, it is very beneficial to the production and maintenance of the machine. Our company is one of the leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, producing various machines used in the production of compound fertilizer, such as fertilizer granulator machine and mixer. Welcome to visit and cooperate.