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How to prevent the phenomenon of pulverizer blocking in the NPK fertilizer production line

 In the NPK fertilizer production, crushers are always used to crush raw materials, which is convenient for material blending and granulation production. But in the production of compound fertilizer production, the crushers may be blocked. How to prevent and solve these problems? pls see the following analysis:

The crushers used in the NPK compound fertilizer production line generally include vertical crushers, cage mills, hammer crushers, horizontal crushers, and the like, and the vertical crushers are more prone to blockage.
The reason for blocking the material is that the moisture content in the material is large, and the production requirements are not met, so that the material is prone to blockage. This situation is relatively easy to handle, and only the moisture of the material needs to be controlled within the production requirements. The material can be dried in a certain amount in advance to meet the requirements.

Another phenomenon in which the material is blocked is that there are some hard materials in the mixture material, which are not easily broken during the crushing process, so that the discharge port can be blocked and the material blocking phenomenon occurs. The treatment method in this case is to take the material. Sorting, manually breaking the material that is not easily broken or the harder material into a slightly smaller form, and then crushing or pulverizing, the efficiency will be improved and the phenomenon of blocking the material can be reduced. The raw material can be sieved in advance by a sieving machine, the large material can be sieved off, or the raw material can be pulverized once by using a pulverizer alone, so that the volume of the raw material becomes small, and clogging is less likely to occur.

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