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Three common organic fertilizer fermentation methods and equipment

 After the pretreated livestock and poultry manure is fermented in the organic fertilizer stirring fermentation device, an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements are added in a certain proportion to make the contained trace elements reach the organic fertilizer production standard, and then it is stirred, crushed and formed , granulation, drying, packaging and other processing techniques to produce organic fertilizers. A full set of organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, weighing and packaging machine. Common organic fertilizer fermentation methods include fermentation tanks, self-propelled turners, and trough turners.

1. The fermentation tank is a new type of fermentation equipment, and the raw materials are put into the tank for fermentation. The equipment has deodorization system, ventilation system, stirring system and auxiliary heating system. Ready to work and quick to ferment.
2. Bar pile fermentation adopts the open-air field for fermentation, which is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with limited site conditions and do not want to invest a lot of money in civil engineering. The operation of the fermentation site is flexible and changeable, and the self-propelled compost turning machine is easy to move.
3. For tank-type fermentation, a fermentation tank is built in the factory area, and rails are installed on the upper end of the fermentation tank wall. The groove type compost turner walks back and forth on the track to dump the raw materials. It is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with slightly larger output.

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