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Temperature problems and solutions encountered in the fermentation process

 Slow temperature rise: the stockpile does not heat up or heats up slowly
1. The raw material is too wet: add the dry material according to the proportion of the material, and then stir
2. The raw material is too dry: according to the humidity, add water or humidify the material to keep the moisture at 45%-55%
3. Insufficient nitrogen: add ammonium sulfate with high nitrogen content to keep the carbon-nitrogen ratio at 20:1.
4. The pile is too small or the weather is too cold: pile up easily degradable substances such as corn stalks.
5. The pH value is too low: when the pH value is less than 5.5, lime or wood ash can be added and stirred evenly to adjust the pH value of the fermentation pile.
Heap temperature is too high: the heap temperature is greater than or equal to 65°C during the fermentation process.
Possible reasons and solutions:
1. Poor air permeability: Turn the pile regularly to increase the air permeability of the fermentation pile.
2. The heap is too large: reduce the size of the heap.

The organic fertilizer compost turning machine and throwing machine is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. It is a tool to replace manual and forklift turning materials, and it is a mainstream product that affects the development trend of the composting industry. The importance of the organic fertilizer turner stems from its role in compost production. During the operation of the tumbler, the raw material particles are fully contacted and mixed with the air, so that a large amount of fresh air can be stored in the material pile, which is beneficial to the aerobic microorganisms to actively generate fermentation heat and increase the pile temperature; when the temperature is high, adding fresh air can reduce chimney temperature.

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