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How to design the biofertilizer project?

 The biofertilizer project has short construction period,high return on investment,small risk and short payback period.Generally,the investment is recovered in one year and the profit is generated in that year.How to design the biofertilizer project?
Generally,production process design includes :
1.High efficient compound bacteria and its propargation technology;
2.Advanced raw material blending technology and biological fermentation;
3.The best special fertilizer formula technology(which can design the best combination product formula flexibly according to the local soil and crop characteristics);
4.Reasonable secondary pollution(waste gas and worry gas)control technology;
5.Complete process equipment design for fertilizer production manufacturing technology.
The process flow:raw material selection(animal manure,etc)drying and sterilization-ingredient mixing -granulation which in this part it is to be equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to finish,cooling and screening -metering and sealing,- warehousing of finished products.
The complete set of equipment is mainly composed of fermentation system,drying system,deodorization and dust removal system,crushing system,batching system,mixing system,granulation system and finished product packaging system, (harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure, etc.) the fermentation system includes: feed conveyor, biological deodorizer, mixer, exclusive dumper, oxygen supply system and automatic control system, etc.
These fertilizer equipment is to be designed for different type and series for producing all types of fertilizer,which it is to be equipped in different type and series fertilizer production line,like the organic fertilizer production line.More other type fertilizer equipment to be equipped in the fertilizer production line to make fertilizer is higher efficient and simplify the fertilizer manufacturing process.
biofertilizer project
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