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How should the granulator be inspected and maintained?

Organic fertilizer granulator is an important part of the entire organic fertilizer production line, so we should pay special attention to inspection and maintenance for this part, so as to ensure the core interests of the enterprise. Of course, other equipment also needs to be inspected from time to time, and the inspection direction is similar to the granulator; so, the following will tell you in detail how to properly inspect and maintain the organic fertilizer granulator during use.


1) Check whether the various parts of the organic fertilizer granulator machine are working properly, do a good job of checking the wear of the easy-wear parts, and pay attention to replacing the worn parts at any time.

2) For newly installed wheel hubs, frequent inspections must be performed, as loosening is prone to have the greatest impact on organic fertilizer granulation opportunities.

3) Bearing: It is the entire bearing center of the whole organic fertilizer granulator, so it is very important for the maintenance of the bearing. Its quality directly determines the service life and operating rate of the machine. It must be clean and the seal must be good.

4) If the oil temperature of the bearing of the organic fertilizer granulator machine rises, it should be stopped immediately for inspection to eliminate the cause.

5) The removal of impurities such as dust should be done to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the organic fertilizer granulator encounters unbreakable materials, resulting in serious accidents.

6) Use standardized tools and strictly adhere to mechanical maintenance requirements. Standardized tools can reduce the damage of each part of the organic fertilizer granulator and put it in place.

7) Use the specified oil. Due to the different types of machinery and the requirements of various parts, the organic fertilizer granulators have different lubricating greases and cooling oils. It is necessary to follow the lubricating greases and cooling oils specified by the organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers to ensure organic fertilizer production The good performance of the granulator was demonstrated.

8) Timely maintenance and overhaul, no sick work. The reasonable maintenance and timely maintenance of the organic fertilizer granulation equipment are the guarantee for the high yield and efficiency of the organic fertilizer granulator.

9) For the replacement of organic fertilizer raw materials, production tests must be performed to ensure that the organic fertilizer granulator can achieve the best results.

10) Reasonable raw material composition, fineness, water content, and reliable finished products are the basis of the organic fertilizer granulator machine.