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Senior manufacturers provide organic fertilizer equipment for farms

The requirements for organic fertilizer equipment in the farm are basically simple configuration, low yield and low price. This is because the organic fertilizer production line in the farm is mostly to solve the problem of livestock manure in breeding and reduce the environmental pollution caused by manure stacking. The organic fertilizer production line built in the farm is designed according to the breeding scale. For example, the equipment models required for 10000 chickens and 20000 chickens are different. However, there are also large farms to invest in large-scale organic fertilizer production line, which is a new investment and entrepreneurship project.

Animal manure can be made into powder organic fertilizer or granular organic fertilizer. The production process of the two products is different, and the project investment required is also different. Powder organic fertilizer is more simple, but the product is not as good as granular fertilizer.
Powder and granular organic fertilizer production line

Starting from the production line process of powdery organic fertilizer, powdery organic fertilizer is processed after fermentation and decomposition. The main process as long as grinding, mixing, screening, packaging, etc. can achieve sales. That is to say, the production line technology of powdery organic fertilizer is one part of granule processing technology.

In terms of granular organic fertilizer production line process, besides crushing, mixing, packaging and other processes, drying, granulation, particle grading and particle coating are also needed. Need compost turner machine, rotary drum granulator, drum dryer, cooler, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. Therefore, granule processing technology is often selected for processing production lines with an annual output of more than 10000 tons, while small capacity enterprises often choose powder fertilizer processing technology.

The investment price of organic fertilizer production equipment can be more or less, if the production of powdered organic fertilizer processing, only need to invest in a fermentation equipment, grinder, screening machine. Granular organic fertilizer production line has more post-treatment parts, similar to NPK production line, and needs more equipment.