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How to process compost by orbital fermentation turner machine

As an important equipment of organic fertilizer fermentation, compost turning machine lays the foundation of organic fertilizer products. Only after good fermentation can organic fertilizer be completely harmless and can be used with confidence.

Among the composting equipment, we recommend the track-type fermentation pile turning machine, which is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer plants.

Ways of compost processing by orbital turner machine

orbital fermentation turner machine
1. The track type turner adopts groove type turning mechanism with unique turning mode. Each turning can ensure that every detail of the material is in full contact with the air, replenish oxygen and discharge moisture. The contact part between the mechanism and material is small, and the maintenance is convenient. The compost is suitable for granulation of fertilizer granulator.

2. The trough turning machine adopts a long-span bridge structure, which has two series, i.e. longitudinal span bridge type and cross bridge type. The longitudinal span bridge structure makes the moving direction of materials perpendicular to the track, and the equipment span meets the requirements of fermentation period. The length of track in fermentation area can be selected according to the treatment capacity requirements within a certain range. The increase of track length in fermentation area can increase the yield of finished products by multiple times.

3. The production process has good reliability and the energy consumption is reduced because of the track operation mode of the fermentation equipment. The compost turner is reliable and has long service life.