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No-dry extrusion granulation process and characteristics of roller press granulator

The dry-free extrusion granulation process for the roll extrusion granulator has a wide range of uses in powder processing granules, and its characteristics are that the material can be directly processed without damaging the material or heating. It can be used for the processing of organic and inorganic fertilizer granules, and also for the processing of feed granules.

By using the dry-free extrusion granulation process, no waste water or exhaust gas is discharged during the production process, and the environment is not polluted. The extrusion granulation process is short, easy to operate, and it is easy to realize production automation control and improve production efficiency. There is no special requirement for the nature and particle size distribution of the raw materials, and the raw materials are widely used.

Five process stages of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer on roll extrusion granulation production process
1. Add qualified raw materials to the mixer according to the ratio of mixing requirements.
2. Delivered to the disc feeder to remove the metallic substances in the material during the transportation process.
3. The material in the disc feeder enters the extrusion granulator uniformly, the material is forced to pass between the two pressure rollers and is extruded into a thin sheet, and the sheet is broken into pieces after being crushed by a coarse crusher under the pressure roller. After screened.,the material on the screen continues to be broken and sieved.
4. The semi-finished product is delivered to the finished screening machine. The fine particles after screening are returned directly to the disc feeder. The large particles are pulverized by a pulverizer and returned to the disc feeder.
5. The qualified products after screening are transported to the automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging and storage.

The dry-free roll extrusion granulator has the following characteristics in the production of pellets:
1. Extrusion granulation does not require heating and humidification of materials, which saves investment and saves energy, and can also be granulated with ingredients containing heat sensitive materials such as ammonium bicarbonate and certain organic fertilizers.
2. There is no waste water or exhaust gas in the production process, which will not pollute the environment.
3, extrusion granulation process is short, easy to operate, easy to achieve production automation control, improve production efficiency.
4. There is no special requirement for the nature and particle size distribution of raw materials, and the source of raw materials is broad.
5, the production is more flexible, the program can be changed at any time, is conducive to the production of special fertilizers in small quantities.
6, the product particle size distribution is uniform, will not produce segregation, and will not agglomerate.
7. The extruded granulated product has uniform shape and is not round. Usually if you need to compare rounded products, you need to further shape the particles.