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Production technology of sheep manure and straw material fertilizer

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process by organic fertilizer granulator machine has many effects on crops. Not only can they provide nutrients needed for crop growth, but they can also enhance the stress resistance of crops.
fertilizer production line
1. Organic fertilizers contain organic matter needed for the growth of crops, a large number of elements, medium and trace elements, active microorganisms, active enzymes, etc., most of which can be directly used by crops. The action of microorganisms and active enzymes accelerates the decomposition and utilization of soil organic materials, which is beneficial to the full release of chemical fertilizers fixed by the soil, and at the same time improves the utilization rate of fertilizers.
2. There is a large amount of organic matter in the organic fertilizer, which increases the bulkiness of the frontal soil. Under the condition of high soil water content, it can ensure the normal function of crop root respiration. Under arid environmental conditions, the presence of agglomerates prevents the capillary channels of the soil from evaporating water outward, and can play a role in drought resistance and seedling protection. The organic fertilizer after fermentation contains a large amount of humic acid, amino acids, etc., which can provide drought resistance of crops. In the extreme cold weather conditions in the north, a large amount of organic fertilizer is applied in the greenhouse, which can play the role of brewing heat, heat absorption and heat preservation.
In the high-saline soil, applying organic fertilizer year after year is more effective than using chemical fertilizer alone. Related research shows that: organic fertilizer can improve soil desalination and salt tolerance.
In the production process of organic fertilizers, due to the action of microorganisms, a variety of physiologically active substances, such as vitamins, biotin, amino acids, humic acids, auxin antibiotics, etc., are synthesized. Some of these substances can stimulate crop growth, and some Can improve the disease resistance of crops, and some can enhance the lodging resistance of crops.
Organic fertilizers are complex in composition and rich in nutrients, can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, and have unparalleled advantages over chemical fertilizers. Therefore, fruits and vegetables grown with organic fertilizers are sweet and mellow.