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Fertilizer manufacturing process of sheep manure and straw material fertilizer

Fertilizer manufacturing process of sheep manure and straw material fertilizer

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The amount of sheep dung mixed with the appropriate amount of straw powder depends on the water content of the sheep dung. Generally, the fermentation requires 45% water content, that is, the hands are squeezed into a lump, and the fingers are watered, but there is no dripping. Scattered. Then add cornmeal and strains. The function of cornmeal is to increase sugar content for the fermentation of strains, so that multi-dimensional compound enzyme bacteria will soon have an absolute advantage.
1. Add the prepared mixture to the blender for stirring. The stirring must be even, transparent, and no raw materials are left.
2. The well-stirred ingredients are piled into long strips with a width of 1.5m-2m and a height of 0.8m-1m, and they are tossed once every 2 days with a turning machine.
3. Compost for 2 days, odorless for 4 days, loose for 7 days, become fragrant for 9 days, and become fat for 10 days.
4. The temperature can reach 60 ℃ -80 ℃ on the second day of stacking, killing E. coli, eggs and other diseases and insect pests;
5. On the 4th day, the smell of sheep dung was eliminated; on the 7th day, the compost became loose and dry, covered with white hyphae;
6. On the 9th day, a scent of distiller's koji is issued;
7. On the 10th day, the bacterial manure will ferment and mature;
8. After a little drying, it can be crushed by a semi-wet material crusher, granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator, dried by a dryer, and then sieved by a sieving machine. The finished organic fertilizer is ready to be installed. The bag is stored.