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Production technology of amino acid compound fertilizer

 The new process of producing compound (mixed) fertilizer by the method of lysine is a new type of compound (mixed) fertilizer production technology which has been developed in China in recent years. Compared with the general NPK fertilizer production process, it has the following characteristics:

1. Directly use the reaction heat generated by the chemical reaction between liquid ammonia, sulfuric acid, monoammonium phosphate and other materials to increase the temperature of the granulated material (the temperature of the granulated material can reach 70-80 ° C), and reduce the material contains moisture in the granulation process, thereby reducing the drying strength. From the actual situation, the process plan is about 30%-40% lower than the ordinary steam granulation process with rotary drum fertilizer granulator machine.

2. The high-viscosity slurry formed by the reaction of sulfuric acid and monoammonium phosphate is granulated, which is about 50% higher than the general process. The production capacity of the same production system can be increased by more than 50%, and the ordinary production capacity is 50,000 tons/year. The concentration fertilizer production line can reach 80,000 tons/year with the acid process.

3. the product particles are uniform, the appearance is smooth and round, and the particle strength is high.

4. the raw material adaptability, the various raw materials used in the production of common fertilizer can be used in the acid process, the product N-P-K nutrient distribution ratio is large. It can produce a variety of high, medium and low concentrations of inorganic compound fertilizer.

Major equipment:
The method of agglutination is to increase the temperature of the granulated material by using high-viscosity slurry formed by a chemical reaction and a reaction heat released after the original agglomeration method to achieve the purpose of spray coating granulation. At the same time, the tail gas of the granulation process is washed.

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