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Four technical characteristics of compound fertilizer drum granulator equipment

 In the production of compound fertilizer, the most important thing is the granulation process. The use of fertilizer granulator machine is very important to the whole production line, which directly affects the quality of the produced fertilizer products. In the NPK fertilizer production, the most common use is the drum granulator machine. The drum granulator barrel adopts special rubber lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining to realize automatic mites and de-tumor, and the traditional scraper device is eliminated.

The compound fertilizer drum granulator transmission device is an important component for providing the main movement of the machine.The gear ring on the cylinder is driven by the motor and the reducer on the shelf and the shelf is welded by professional non-deformable high-quality channel steel to make the transmission of the machine safer and more stable.

So what are the characteristics of the compound fertilizer drum type fertilizer granulator machine?
1. The granulation rate is over 90%, and if the same specifications are not completed, it can be re-entered into the machine for secondary processing.

2. The cylinder can be rotated with a small power, and the outer part is made of wear-resistant steel, which effectively prolongs the use time of the equipment.

3. It is a special molding machine which can be made by rolling materials through chemical reaction. Under the action of a certain liquid, the rolling of the cylinder is used to make a sphere formed between the material and the small particles.

4. Supported by the most economical roller bracket. The bracket is made of high quality carbon steel and can bear the weight of the cylinder. Considering the friction between the cylinder and the roller, in this part the deliberate use of more wear-resistant materials, on the one hand can improve the safety of equipment and improve stability.