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Processing requirements of organic fertilizer dryer equipment

Fertilizer dryer is suitable for the processing of organic fertilizer and NPK production line, and each structure of it is very important. Organic fertilizer dryer also has certain technical requirements when processing. So, what should be paid attention to when drum dryer is producing organic fertilizer?

The production equipment of chicken manure organic fertilizer is mainly composed of the following machines:
The first is the operation control equipment, the second is the dust removal and deodorization equipment, the third is the feeding equipment, the fourth is the hot stove, and the fifth is the chicken manure drying equipment. Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment is mainly through the drying of chicken manure, and then add a certain amount of fertilizer accessories to produce organic fertilizer with chicken manure as the main raw material. In addition, it can also ferment chicken manure to produce organic fertilizer. This method requires equipment such as fertilizer granulator, pulverizer and dumper.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer dryer can dry 70% to 80% of the chicken manure to the standard of less than 13% through effective drying operations. Moreover, the entire operating process of the chicken manure dryer is A fully enclosed and fully enclosed state, which can play the role of environmental protection and reduce pollution.
organic fertilizer dryer equipment

The organic fertilizer mainly composed of chicken manure can be thoroughly removed, sterilized, purified, deodorized, dried and concentrated after processing and treatment by chicken manure dryer. It contains various nutrients necessary for crop production, including 2.6% of nitrogen, 3.5% of phosphorus, 2.5% of potassium, 16-25% of crude protein and 45% of organic matter. The treated organic fertilizer was used as raw material and granulated fertilizer was processed by rotary drum granulator.

The extraction and production of organic fertilizer by chicken manure dryer can not only greatly enhance the value of organic fertilizer itself, but also maximize the cost reduction.