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Precautions to maintain organic fertilizer production line?

 Organic fertilizer production line includes roller screening machine, semi -wet material pieces, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer dryer, fermentation rolller, rotary drum granulator, cooler, packaging equipment and other equipment essence .Therefore, we must better care for these organic fertilizer equipment. Let's explain the six major precautions for the maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment:

Precautions for the maintenance of organic fertilizer production line
1. Prevent engine heat. Pay attention to the timely rest for a long time, try to choose a cool place, and open the engine to cover the ventilation and heat dissipation.
2. Anti -lubricating oil oxidation and deterioration. Instead of lubricating oil in the crankshaft box and gear box, regularly check the amount of lubricating oil and oil quality, and replace it in time.
3. Prevent the body excessively exposure. The paint on organic fertilizer equipment should be smooth and beautiful to make people love. Long -term exposure will change color and wrinkle. Ordinary beauty maintenance, such as cleaning and waxing, although some effects, it is difficult to achieve long -term effects.
4, anti -mixing gas is too strong. Rather a small amount of holes, adjust the position of the acceleration device to connect to the throw door rocker, and appropriately reduce the height of the oil surface to reduce the amount of fuel supply and prevent the danger of use due to excessive hybrid gases.
5. The anti -resistance phenomenon is to prevent gas resistance. Use a wet cloth to hold the gasoline pump to cool down.
6. Excessive evaporation of gasoline and water. At high temperatures, the evaporation of oil and water will accelerate. At this time, it is necessary to check at any time. Once it is found that there are abnormalities or irregularities, it is necessary to add and adjust in time.
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