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How much do you know about the fermentation process of sheep manure organic fertilizer?

 The fertilizer making process of commercial organic fertilizer mainly includes crushing, seasoning, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening and packaging. A full set of organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, rotary drum granulator, dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, weighing packaging machine. Organic fertilizers can be made into granules or powders according to market demand. In order to balance nutrition and be suitable for transportation and storage, it is recommended to make organic and inorganic compound fertilizers into granular commodities, and the granular shapes are cylindrical and spherical.

Before composting, raw materials such as sheep manure and straw should be pretreated to meet the fermentation conditions such as moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio. The moisture content of sheep manure varies widely. The water content of sheep manure in large farms is 60%-80% higher. Before composting, measures should be taken to reduce the moisture content to 50%-60%. It is recommended to reduce the moisture content of sheep manure by mixing the recycled materials, that is, adding mellow low-moisture sheep manure (about 30% water content) to the high-moisture sheep manure pile. After the two kinds of dry and wet materials are mixed, the moisture content of the overall compost raw materials can be effectively reduced. If the water content of fresh sheep manure is as high as 80%, you can also choose methods such as solid-liquid separation of sheep manure to reduce the water content. After the sheep manure is dried or drained, straw powder is added. The ratio of sheep manure to straw powder is 7:3, so that the carbon-nitrogen ratio of raw materials (sheep manure) and auxiliary materials (straw powder) is kept at 19-23:1.

Appropriate moisture-regulating materials are layered into compost turning machine according to height and total width, and the stacks are arranged in parallel in the open air or in an indoor flat composting field, and professional compost turning machine are selected to compost turning machine continuously on the pile. The cross-section shape of the pile is triangular or trapezoidal: 1.5-2.5m wide, 0.8-1.4m high, and 50-150m long (depending on the shape and size of the composting site). Our company is a professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, if you have any equipment needs, welcome to consult.