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Operating principle and characteristics of organic fertilizer straw grinder

Crop straw crusher is widely used not only in straw crushing, but also in straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, peanut shell, corn cob, branch crushing, medicinal material crushing, etc. Therefore, it has been widely used in organic fertilizer production line.

Performance characteristics of straw grinder: straw grinder is mainly composed of fan, crushing device, motor, frame, impeller and so on; in the process of work, due to the very high speed, we must pay attention to check the operating status of the straw grinder, If the body is not tightly closed, dust will blow into the air, causing pollution to the working environment, and sometimes causing wear to the fan. If it is serious, the impeller will fall off, untimely maintenance, and the fan may be scrapped. Therefore, before the official work, the fan device of the straw crusher must undergo dynamic balancing experiments.
fertilizer crusher machine
Principle of crop straw crusher operation:
①. This machine is made of upper and lower casings, with cutters and crushing blades inside. The lower machine base and the motor frame are integrated, all of which are made of steel, thereby enhancing the stability of the work.
②. The feeding port is designed for convenient feeding, which reduces the resistance during feeding and crushing, increases the crushing strength and improves the output.
③. The processed raw materials enter the feeding port, and through the high-speed operation of the mechanical rotor, an automatic feeding is formed by the gravity of the material itself, which can further improve the safety factor during the operation of the machine.
④. The fineness adjustment of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the inner cavity of the machine. The output can be determined according to the size of the crushed particles

Features of straw grinder:
1. Convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor-saving, power-saving, automatic feeding, continuous production, high output.
2. Only two people need to operate the automatic lawnmower, which saves a lot of labor.
3. The blade uses wear-resistant tool steel, high speed, good wear resistance, durable.
4. One machine can be used to crush all straw materials at the same time.
5. This machine adopts PLC control system to make the equipment running status more stable.
6 Automatic lubrication systems are used for automatic lubrication.
7. Crushing effect can be according to user requirements; the machine can adjust the size of the finished raw materials.

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