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Points to note when investing in organic fertilizer production line

Zhengzhou Huaqiang explains for you to understand the attention points that must be understood when investing in organic fertilizer production line.
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Now many people know that the country strongly promotes organic fertilizers, so many people have the economic strength to invest in organic fertilizer equipment. In fact, investing in organic fertilizer production line equipment is very certain to be profitable, but it requires a lot of understanding of relevant knowledge, not just I think that after investment, you can produce it at will. The organic fertilizer produced will be unqualified in the first place, and the second is that you will not use the organic fertilizer you produce, so you need to carefully consider the investment.

Organic fertilizer production line equipment to produce organic fertilizer is determined according to the functional effects of organic fertilizer. Workers crush various raw materials into organic materials with a certain fineness according to requirements, mix them in a blender according to the formula, and add a "bio "fermenting fungicide", after mixing, enters the fermentation tank. Due to the deep pool aerobic fermentation, the area is very small. In addition, it is fully mechanized production, the fermentation is uniform, and there is no dead corner, which ensures the quality of organic fertilizer products.

The fermenting compost turning machine of the organic fertilizer equipment adopts the intelligent automatic control of the process of turning over the fermented materials. Under the action of the vertical and horizontal walking mechanisms, the high-speed rotating circular harrow continuously throws, scatters, and generates a certain displacement of the fermented materials. , So that the material in the tank has a regular and equidistant gradual backward movement, thereby forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process. The design of one machine with multiple pools realizes the integrated innovation of large-scale production.

The investment and project design scale of organic fertilizer production line equipment should be based on the following conditions: characteristics of raw material resources, local soil conditions, local planting structure and major crop varieties, site conditions, production and other aspects. Considering the overall situation of its own local resources, the market capacity and market value determine the annual output.