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Organic fertilizer processing equipment to make organic fertilizer adversity rebirth

 Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer processing equipment sold in many countries, received unanimous praise. Among them, many organic fertilizer equipment such as organic fertilizer granulator are also well received. By reading the product manual, fully understand the basic structure and principle of the machine, heat the role of each part, the correct operation and use of the machine and the requirements of maintenance and maintenance of the machine, understand the manifestations of various failures, three guarantees, the address and telephone of the maintenance network. If possible, organic fertilizer processing equipment should participate in training courses organized by sales units, production enterprises or agricultural machinery management departments to systematically learn product expertise and operational skills. Carefully according to the requirements of the manual operation, use, maintenance of organic fertilizer processing equipment, in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual running-in machinery, every day before use to carry out the prescribed daily maintenance: refueling, adding water, fastening screws, adjusting belt tightness and various gaps, check whether the brake, clutch, steering mechanism is normal and effective, whether the battery has electricity. In particular, it is necessary to replace the air filter in accordance with the instructions in time, clean the oil filter, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the fuel and lubricating oil. In this way, the overall service life of the organic fertilizer production line can be effectively extended.