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Improve the technology of organic fertilizer equipment to develop environmentally friendly agriculture


With the continuous expansion of the market, the demand for organic fertilizer equipment is also increasing, organic fertilizer production line can meet the needs of customers, relying on excellent product quality and remarkable crushing effect, constantly win new markets, expand sales space, in the machinery industry, new equipment and new technology to meet the changing production needs of the majority of users, the performance of the equipment, We have also won the support and trust of our customers. At present, the organic fertilizer granulator in Europe, the United States and Japan is mainly based on high-technology and high-value-added models such as precision granulator and large granulator. After years of technology introduction and technological innovation, China's plastic machine industry in the field of low-end granulator, the manufacturing level has been almost the same as developed countries, coupled with the advantage of labor prices, making China's low-end granulator exports occupy half of the world. From the consumer, enterprise, policy and other levels, the demand for organic fertilizer equipment is constantly increasing, the market weight of pelletizer is also becoming more and more heavy, its comprehensive development is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the near future. Today, the granulator market environment is getting better and better, but in the actual development process, there are still many problems to be solved one by one, therefore, in exploring the new development path of granulator technology, it is necessary to comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.