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Organic fertilizer industry development status: biological organic fertilizer has become a new development direction

As the scale of agricultural market continues to expand, the demand for organic fertilizer is also more vigorous, and the scale of output value shows an increasing trend. Here's what the organic fertilizer industry will look like in 2023.
Organic fertilizers, also known as "farm fertilizers", have the characteristics of variety, wide source and longer fertilizer effect. Applying organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, coordinate water, fertilizer, air and heat in soil, improve soil fertility and land productivity.
Development status of organic fertilizer industry
According to the development status of the organic fertilizer industry to provide crop planting work, the normal amount of organic fertilizer is 100-200 kg per mu is appropriate.
Biological organic fertilizer is the inevitable choice of agricultural sustainable development, soorganic fertilizer production lineis the inevitable choice of biological organic fertilizer.

The present situation of organic fertilizer industry mentioned that applying biological organic fertilizer is an important way to improve soil basic fertility and agricultural product quality. The original intention of the development and production of bio-organic fertilizer is to integrate the advantages of organic fertilizer and biofertilizer, which not only helps to improve crop yield, but also can fertilize soil, regulate soil micro-ecological balance, reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizer, and fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products. The production of bio-organic fertilizer is an important means of agricultural waste resource utilization. Agricultural waste contains rich nutrient elements and organic nutrients necessary for crop growth, the utilization of its resources into biological organic fertilizer, through the role of microorganisms to make organic matter mineralization, humification and harmless, for crop absorption and utilization, not only can alleviate the pressure of agricultural waste on the environment, but also can turn waste into treasure, obtain certain economic benefits.

In general, organic fertilizer is also affected by the environmental protection policy. The market is also gradually moving towards the trend of environmental protection. Biological organic fertilizer is in line with the direction of green development.