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Matters needing attention in the operation of rotary granulator

Rotary drum granulator is a device often used in the fertilizer production industry, suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration NPK fertilizer production line. It has the characteristics of high ball strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, and convenient operation and maintenance.

When operating the rotary fertilizer granulator machine, the following should be noted:
1. When using it, it should be noted that there should be no hard objects such as stones, iron blocks, etc. The rollers must be unloaded after more than ten shifts of work. Add high temperature grease to the bearings to make the rollers work well and prolong the service life of the rollers.

2. It is strictly forbidden to make the roller contact with the template during idling.

3. If the particles appear to be crushed or not compacted, the crude fiber material formula should be reduced to less than 50%;

4. When the granulation does not occur, the pellet should be unloaded, and the membrane board should be removed. After opening hole by hole, add some fiber materials appropriately to restart the granulation;

5. The tightness of the belt should be checked frequently, and the oil seal of the gearbox should be replaced in time.