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New features of compound fertilizer production line

The NPK fertilizer production line equipment consists of the following parts: mixing machine, fertilizer granulator machine, drying machine, cooling machine, screening machine, air separation and dust removal machine, conveying machine, return processing machine, and raw materials processing machine, anti-caking package machine and automatic metering packaging machine that can be added according to user needs.


In recent years, our company has carried out a new technical transformation or turnkey project for some domestic NPK fertilizer production systems, and the trial production has been a complete success. After the products are put into the market, they are favored by users. It proves that the process is advanced and reliable, which increases production, reduces consumption and product cost.

1. Process effect of compound fertilizer production line
(1) The ball formation speed is fast, the particles are uniform, and the granulation rate is increased from 50% to 60% to over 95%;
(2) The output is increased by more than 30%, the particles are round and the surface is smooth;
(3) The finished product moisture is ≤1.0%;
(4) Control accuracy of nitrogen content: +-1.5%, the nitrogen content of the compound fertilizer produced can reach 25%-28%, and the production of high nitrogen and high potassium compound fertilizer can be easily realized;
(5) High particle strength, effectively preventing powdering and agglomeration of compound fertilizer particles;
(6) The operation elasticity is increased, and the operation is stable, especially after the interior of the dryer is modified, it can be continuously produced for 6-8 months without sticking to the wall;
(7) The drying temperature is low, saving 1/3 of coal combustion, and the product has low water content.

2. advanced, stable, practical
The entire compound fertilizer production line is automatically controlled to integrate computers, instruments and machinery, and to produce material flow (including NPK dry matter, urine, and water), temperature, liquid level, nutrient ratio, and hourly production of automatic control. The use of high-quality electronic products, such as computers, sensors, urine flow meters, automatic valves, liquid level gauges, thermometers, etc., mostly use imported products to ensure the advanced, stable and practical of the entire production line, greatly improving the compound fertilizer production line. The scientific and technological content makes the quality and output of compound fertilizer reliable.