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How to choose the appropriate fertilizer granulator machine?

 When selecting the fertilizer granulator machine, firstly, the purpose of granulation and the problems to be solved should be clarified, and then compared with the following factors to eliminate the inappropriate method and determine a suitable and simple method.
fertilizer granulator machine
(1) Material characteristics. Whether the material is powder or melt, whether the slurry and paste materials can be pumped and atomized, whether the material has heat sensitivity, etc., should be considered when selecting.

(2) Requirements for production capacity. If the required production capacity is large, there are many ways to apply it.

(3) Requirements for particle size and particle size distribution of the pellets. Some methods, such as spray drying granulation, can only obtain very fine particles, and the powder granulation method can only obtain smaller particles, while other methods such as pressing can obtain large agglomerates.

(4) The shape of the pellet. Rolling, agitation granulation, spray granulation to obtain approximately spherical particles; shot peening and solidification granulation can obtain spherical particles; extrusion granulation can produce column granules. The possible effects of differently shaped particles on subsequent work should be estimated.

(5) The strength of the pellets. The particles obtained by powder agglomeration and shot granulation have a weak mechanical strength. For high-strength particles, it is necessary to use a pressing method or sintering, roasting and strengthening, and to select a high-strength binder by extrusion.

(6) The void ratio and density of the pellets are empty. The gap ratio and density are closely related to the strength. Some extrusion granulation processes can better control the void ratio and density to suit a certain application.

(7) Wet and dry methods. Wet granulation requires expensive solvents and drying after taking the drug, which may cause solvent loss. Some materials may be sensitive to solvents and not suitable for wet processes. Some materials may recrystallize into different shapes when dry, and cannot be used. Wet method; dry granulation is easy to produce powder, not suitable for handling toxic chemicals and other dangerous materials.

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