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Analysis of four methods to improve the output of in NPK compound fertilizer production line

 With the development and advancement of technology, as well as the needs of users, there are different requirements for the output of NPK fertilizer production. Today, we will analyze four methods to improve the production of compound fertilizer production line:

First, control the water content of the granulated particles
1. According to the characteristics of the powder: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., the water content of the particles is controlled to be about 30 to 28%.
(1) The water content is too small, the ball is difficult, and the output is low;
(2) Too much water content, large balls, and the surface of the ball is sticky and easy to block the screen surface;
(3) The water content is appropriate, the ball is more, and the output is high.

2. How to initially check the amount of water in the production process of compound fertilizer production line: simple and practical method——hand feeling method: Grab a handful of material from the fertilizer granulator, hold the ball in a hand, and gently lighten it with your fingers. It can be loosened when touched. The particles produced in this way have a high yield and are not easy to block the sieve surface.

Second, strictly control the quality of powder materials
1. According to the formula of compound fertilizer, carefully control the quality of various raw materials such as fertilizer.
2. For the raw material discharge and feeding, it is strictly forbidden to have iron blocks, stones larger than 10mm, and wooden blocks larger than 10mm. There can not many rice blasts and sands, or they will more serious impact on production.

Third, the main technical key to operate fertilizer granulator machine
1. The particle size of the compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
2. Improve the technical quality and operational skills of workers.

Fourth, choose a good nozzle, adjust the nozzle
It is necessary to master the working mechanism of the nozzle when selecting the nozzle. According to the fluid mechanics, the pressure is higher when the liquid is ejected from the nozzle, and the smaller the through hole is, the larger the diffusion surface of the droplet is. Under the same pressure, the nozzle has small nozzle holes and small droplet density; the nozzle holes are large and the droplet density is large.
1. The smaller (or larger) the particle size of the feed solution is, the smaller (or larger) the particle size is, and the lower (or higher) the yield.
2. The disc-making machine generally uses a B-shaped spherical spiral or a B1-shaped prototype spiral nozzle.
3. The denser (or thinner) the droplets of the feed liquid, the higher (or less) the amount of material produced, the higher (or lower) the yield.