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Maintenance skills of some NPK production line equipment

1. Dust is one of the factors that cause equipment wear on the NPK production line. Fertilizer production equipment generates dust during operation. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, dust will enter various joints of the equipment. As time goes by, the friction at the joints of the equipment will increase, which will affect the performance of the equipment. Therefore, apart from using fertilizer equipment, we must conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment.
NPK production line
2. During the operation of the NPK production line, staff also need to pay attention to the degree of lubrication of the equipment joints. The long-term use of equipment is a severe test of equipment lubrication. Once the jam occurs, the friction of the equipment will increase. Only with a high degree of lubrication can the operation of the equipment be supported by good power and be cleaned regularly.

3. We need to pay special attention to the motor friction of the fertilizer granulator and related equipment. Motor wear will affect the use of organic fertilizer equipment. The staff should pay attention to checking the operation of the motor at all times. Especially before the load is running, the circuit of the motor should be checked, and if it is damaged, it needs to be updated immediately.