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High efficiency and high quality controlled release fertilizer has a broad market space


1. High quality controlled release fertilizer is a special fertilizer for vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables, fruits and other products are high-value agricultural products, in the international market price competitiveness is strong, so vegetables, fruit crops in the special fertilizer demand is larger.

2. Industrial organic fertilizer.

Long term partial application of chemical fertilizer can easily lead to the decline of soil organic matter and the decline of crop quality, such as melon is not sweet, rice is not fragrant, vegetables are tasteless, etc. One of the key measures to improve the quality of agricultural products is to apply more organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer processed by compost turning machine has high fertilizer efficiency, and has gradually replaced other fertilizers and become the main force of fertilizer industry.

It is expected that the organic and inorganic compound fertilizers in the future will be mainly organic fertilizers (containing more than 70% organic matter). A small amount of inorganic fertilizers will be transported to the places where organic fertilizer resources are concentrated, and granulation will be carried out by rotary drum granulator to adjust the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in organic fertilizer or increase the quick acting nitrogen in organic fertilizer.
High efficiency and high quality controlled release fertilizer has a broad market space

3. Efficient controlled release of fertilizer.

In the future, chemical fertilizer will not only develop in the direction of high concentration and high quality, but also in the direction of high utilization rate, energy saving, and multi-functional compound. The main development direction of high-efficiency fertilizers is the production of slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers and fertilizers and foliar fertilizers mixed with nitrification inhibitors or urease inhibitors. The processing of the high-efficiency NPK production line is mainly granulation, which requires roller granulator, drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill and other equipment.

The dissolution rate and nutrient release rate of high-efficiency and high-quality release fertilizer can be controlled, which can maximize the utilization rate of fertilizer. Due to the extensive use of controlled release fertilizer in developed countries, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is more than 60%. Therefore, there is a broad market space for high-efficiency and high-quality controlled release fertilizer.