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Precautions for the installation of drum granulator for compound fertilizer production

 NPK fertilizer production use rotary drum granulator can reasonably do a good job of installation and commissioning work, not only can greatly improve production efficiency, but also reduce production costs, extend the service life, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industries summarize the rotary drum granulator machine installation precautions based on many years of practical experience for you.
installation of drum granulator
1, Rotary drum granulator barrel body lifting
Before lifting to check the actual size of each foundation, make a good record at the same time design the corresponding treatment measures, bolts and other connecting parts, foot bolts, adjustment pads placed in a convenient place to be used, ready to adjust the necessary auxiliary materials.

2, metering equipment belt lifter installation: If equipped with metering belt, it is necessary to pay attention to the metering belt machine installation to maintain the level, speed sensors and pressure sensors to be installed in line with the requirements of the compound fertilizer production line manufacturing plant, and require the signal line and power line to maintain a reasonable distance, so as to avoid signal interference resulting in metering is not allowed or cannot be metered.

3, cage shredder, sieve machine, fan duct, hot air furnace, dust removal equipment installation. Such equipment is key to affecting the shop floor environment. Dust source shredder and sieve extension, and the seal ingress bad causes sipulating wind serious not only affects the dust removal efficiency of the fan, more importantly, increase the difficulty of the workshop dust removal.Hot air furnace cage-type and workshop relative isolation for good, so as to avoid the heat furnace heat and make the temperature in the workshop is too high, dust removal is recommended to use gravity method dust removal, so as not to cyclone dust dust adhesive wall, cannot be continuous production.

4, wire and cable installation and electrical commissioning
The installation of electrical equipment is also a critical part of the NPK fertilizer production line, usually for the power part and the control part to install separately, mainly related to: (1) a good grounding system.(2) Installation of cables

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