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Which Compound fertilizer production line manufacturers are strong?

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industries Technology Co Ltd. is committed to the NPK fertilizer production line complete sets of equipment research and development and production, quality assurance, service in place, high ball rate, easy operation, short process, long life, loved by the vast number of users.
compound fertilizer production line manufacturers
Six unique advantages of compound fertilizer production line:

1. Compound fertilizer production line ingredients accurate: the ingredients system for computer control, electronic weighing, according to 50kg a bag of compound fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, additives proportional lying independent measurement, each meter according to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, additive ratio content of different design more scientific, more reasonable, strictly control the ratio, the precision of the ingredients can reach ±2%.

2. Compound fertilizer production line mixing uniform: due to single-bag mixing, the use of special inner spiral mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure for material mixing and output, not only to prevent due to the proportion of fertilizer raw materials and different particle size led to the phenomenon of mixed finished product shunt, but also does not damage the original particle shape of the material, mixing uniformity is high. In and out of the material quickly, effectively improve the quality of products and market competitiveness.

3. Short process, organic materials used in the process are not dry, low operating costs, crushing and other pretreatment. Using the traditional compound fertilizer granulator machine process, the content of organic matter in fermentation is about 30%, drying low to 13%, the need for water crushed to 80 targets, and not more than 30% of the added amount of organic materials.

4. Compound fertilizer production line packaging accurate: mixed compound fertilizer equipment fertilizer in accordance with the set weight of the material filled into the bag, sent by conveyor to the seam package station, automatic folding seam package, complete the quantitative packaging process, packaging accuracy can reach .0.2%.

5. Compound fertilizer production line advanced technology: combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, the mixing speed of ingredients, short time with air contact, not easy to occur fertilizer water-absorbing tide phenomenon.

6. Glomelet rate and biobacteria survival rate: the new process can be 90-95% of the glorification rate, low temperature high wind drying technology to achieve survival rate of more than 90% of the microbial volume.

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