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How to increase the output of organic fertilizer granulator?

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is the latest technology product developed by the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute for many years of compound fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience, and has obtained national utility model patents. It is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation, which breaks through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials can be processed into pellets without drying and pulverizing, and direct pelleting can be used to save a large amount of energy. How to increase the output of organic fertilizer granulator?


First. Control the moisture of granulated materials
1. According to the characteristics of the powder: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., control the moisture content of the granules at about 30-28%.
(1) Too little water content. It is difficult to form balls. The yield is low.
(2) Too much water content. There are many large balls. The ball surface is sticky. It is easy to block the sieve surface.
(3) Appropriate water content, more balls and high yield.

2.How to check the particle water quantity in the organic fertilizer production line: the simplest and most practical way-feel method: the hand grabs a ball of material from the stirred material. The hand can form a ball. Touch it with your finger It can be loosened. There are many grains produced in this way. The output is high and it is not easy to block the sieve surface.

Second.Strictly control the quality of good powder
1. According to the formula of organic fertilizer, carefully control the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizers.
2. When Raw materials are discharged and feeding. Iron blocks are strictly forbidden. Stones larger than 10mm. Wooden blocks larger than 10mm. Rice bran and sand should not have more quality indicators. More serious results in low yield.

Third.The main technical key of operating organic fertilizer granulator
1.The particle size of the fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
2. Do a good job of employee technical training. Improve the technical quality and operating skills of workers.