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How to deal with the moisture proof problem of organic fertilizer equipment?

 Granular organic fertilizer production line needs to purchase equipment: fermentation turner, pulverizer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, screening machine, packaging machine, etc. Depending on the degree of automation, equipment investment is between 150,000 and 450,000. How to extend the service life of organic fertilizer equipment, reduce depreciation costs as much as possible, and improve economic benefits. Let's talk about the moisture resistance of the equipment.

How to deal with the moisture-proof problem of organic fertilizer equipment?
1. Prevent iron corrosion. Many components of organic fertilizer equipment are made of steel. If stored improperly, iron parts are easy to rust, which seriously shortens the service life of organic fertilizer equipment. When storing, remove the accessories, apply anti-rust paint, and store in a ventilated and dry place.
2. Prevent the aging of rubber parts. In the process of using organic fertilizer equipment, rubber parts are easily damp or oily, which is easy to age and crack, shortening the service life. For the storage method, during the storage of the equipment, the front and rear axles of the jack or sleeper top crane should be used to keep the tires off the ground without bearing the load.
3. Prevent the motor from getting wet. If the motor is not used for a long time, the motor of the organic fertilizer equipment should be placed in a ventilated, dry and clean warehouse. If the motor is placed in a place where fertilizers are wet or where it is easy to get wet by rain, the motor will be damp, and the insulation performance will be reduced, resulting in short circuit, leakage, iron, and even burnt coils.
The above three methods can protect the organic fertilizer equipment to a certain extent. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of details, our company is a professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, welcome to consult.