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Can plant residue be used as organic fertilizer?

 Plant residues include all types of seeds, leaf stems, fruit kernels, etc. A comprehensive range of inorganic and organic ingredients, commonly known as vegetable ingredients. Through retrospective studies, we proposed a new type of plant residue organic fertilizer production facility, throughput monitoring, reprovisioning crop supply development, and actual agricultural circulation. Fermentation necessary before granulation with vegetable residue, thick processed product that is easy to absorb raw materials. Organic fertilization of plant residues produced by plants can increase the presence of residues in the presence of moderately viscous faeces, beneficial bacteria, etc., and is highly fertile.

Specific organic fertilizer production line:
Plant residues of the current type are processed by translators.
After processing, regrind the material and regrind the material.
Various biological bacteria, additives and other released substances are stirred and balanced.
Granulation of organic fertilizer granulator machine is by material transportation with good processing.
Once granulation is complete, packaging such as drying, cooling and sorting can be processed immediately.
Excellent product fertilizer in compostable packaging.

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